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For whatever reason, the humble mason jar (a legend throughout the US) is a very popular and “chic” container for lots of things. The blue mason jars are commonly seen holding flowers or sometimes candy at more “upmarket ” weddings.

The Ball Blue Mason Jar

VaseBlueMasonJarsThe blue mason jar is now a collectors item and to purchase them in bulk does become expensive. However, the blue jars remain the most sough after and the most desirable.

Incidentally, the jars got their name from their inventor, John Mason. He invented  the jars back in 1858. You’ve probably heard them referred to as “Ball Jars” as well. That’s because the Ball Corporation was one of the main manufactures of the jar in the early days.

Of course,  they were ahead of their time, in the days before refrigeration and freezers, when preserving the summer bounty was so important. Being able to hermetically seal the preserves with a screw on lid was a “biggie” in 1858!

Back to the Blue Mason Jar!  The blue jar is also referred to as a “Ball Blue”, again a reference to the manufacturer, the Ball Corporation.

Economics prevent the purchase of Blue mason jars in bulk (like the quantities needed for a wedding), but the good news is that you can get the same look as the famous “blue”, with just a little bit of work. To start with, you will need to purchase the more economical, regular, clear mason jars of the size you require…

Creating your own Ball Blue Mason Jar

I owe this technique to the good folk across at  The Bridal Buzz

The excerpt below will give you some idea of what to expect at BridalBuzz  The images here  are from the post on that site.

blue mason jar paintedI used a product called Vitrea 160, which is a transparent color for glass, in a shade called turquoise. I also purchased some thinner from the same product line, so I could get a really faint look.
After scooping out a small amount of the turquoise color (a dot about the size of the nail on my pinky finger) into a plastic tupperware container, I dipped my fan brush into the thinner bottle and then mixed that into the blue. That’s really all you need, and after I was finished, I realized I could have colored 5 more jars with the amount of turquoise I had left.
I flipped my jar upside down and placed it into another plastic tupperware container, then brushed the outside of the jar with the mixture in thin, even strokes from top to bottom. It looks a bit bright and cloudy at this point, but bear with me!
You then have to let it set for 24 hours before you bake it in the oven for 40 minutes at 375 degrees F. After it bakes and cools, the majority of your brushstrokes should disappear, so don’t worry if it isn’t perfect! Once you fill the jar with water and flowers any small brushstrokes that may still be present will fade even more……….Read More


This is a great idea to be able to get that special vintage look and have those lovely look alike mason jars without breaking the budget! The instructions are really easy to follow and the techniques do not need any special equipment. Enjoy!

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