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For many people changing their name after marriage can be  daunting, you think were do I start so I have wrote a few hints down below to get you on the way to start your new life with your partner and get over all the red tape you have to go through.

Before the Ceremony

You don’t have to tell everyone you are changing your name including the people you work with. So you can keep all of your paperwork under your current name.  Human Resources department will have to know whether you want to change your name or not. They will begin to change internal documentation and prepare your company email address for the change if you decide to change to your Husbands name. Do this a few weeks before your marriage   becomes legal. This way they have plenty of time to get everything in order. Make sure to ask that all email sent to your old address be forwarded to a new one.

If you are issued with  business cards you will need to notify the H.R. department. Again, give them a few weeks notice at least three weeks will do. When you get back from your Honeymoon it will be so nice to be presented with your new business cards.

Around The Ceremony

Let Family and Friends Know you are Changing your Name so they no if they need to send mail to you what name to put on cards and invitations

After the Ceremony

Once you have completed all of the legal paperwork with government agencies such as the Social Security Administration, received a new identification card or driver’s license and changed your banking and savings accounts to match your new name, you will be able to finish up the process with other organizations such as licensing boards.
You will need a copy of your Marriage Certificate to show any organization that you have been married and changed your name. Also you will have to go to Human Resources one more time so you can sign copies of paperwork for payroll, Health Insurance and a New Social security Card.

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