Go back to the days of listening to the wireless and drinking moonshine.
Each glass isĀ  shaped like a Mason jar, but with an easy-to-hold handle.

The jars are ideal Wedding Presents especially if the Bride and Grooms names are engraved.

Mason Glass Jars are Inspiration for beauty at any event – centerpieces & decor – beverage & food displays, place markers and more!

Ideas For Your Wedding Table

If you have a beautiful Wedding Table with Glass Mason Jars, on each guest Setting, with your Guest’s Name inscribed, they will be thrilled and have a little reminder of your wedding for to take home.

Flower Arrangement IdeasĀ  For your Jars

Another use for mason jars is as a decorative feature that can liven up a boring table setting or bring a creative element that your guests will remember.
One idea is to fill the mason jars with an arrangement of plants and flowers, with or without a layer of beads/sand/stones, and water.
The water will keep the flowers alive longer, and you can also mix in a plant nutrient to increase their longevity.
The actual arrangement is up to your creative vision, but the jars can be enhanced with a custom printed message or image to accompany the flowers.

Candles in your Jars have an Amazing affect.

Another use of mason glass jars is as lighting. They can be used simply or a little more complicatedly adding either a small element to your design or a big bold statement that is sure to turn heads. The first way is to simply place a small tea candle (or other candle of your choice) into the center of the printed mason jar, to use it as effective table lighting.

The printed or engraved image will be back-lit by the flickering center. A more complicated lighting option is to use them as light-bulb fixtures, with the bulb in the center surrounded by the mug. Depending on the size of the mug, and the method you choose to attach it to your fixture there options of creative application are endless..